Privacy Policy

We have our privacy policy that outlines how we collect, share and protect your data. As we are strongly committed to protect your privacy, so read this document carefully before using the site.

🔕 Minors Not Allowed

This website is supposed to be used by people who are 18 years of age or above. Minors are not allowed to use this website. So, if you are below 18 please don't browse the website and leave immediately. We don't store the data of minors. Don't get worried about that.

🔕 Collection of personal and Non-personal Information

When you visit our website and use it for loan application and acquisition, we collect your personal and non-personal information. We use the collected information to

  • 🖕 Introduce you new loan products and services,
  • 🖕 Verity the legitimacy of the information,
  • 🖕 Help you get the right financial deal,
  • 🖕 For credit verification,
  • 🖕 Track your communication with us, etc.
Sharing of your information

We share your information with our panel of credit lenders and sponsors. We never share your details with any unauthorized third party for our personal gain.


Our website is safe for transactions. We use the latest internet security technology to protect our website from hackers and cyber criminals. We have added an SSL certificate to protect the transfer of funds and information on our network.

Your liability

You should also be alert and protect your E-account with us. Use random login Id and unpredictable password to protect your E-account with us. Never share your password with anyone as it would compromise the security of your E-account.


We reserve our right to change the privacy of our website at any time without giving any prior notice. Therefore, you must keep visiting our website regularly to keep yourself up-to-date about our site's privacy policy.

🔕 Cookie Policy

When you access this website, we deliver cookies to your system to serve you better. Actually, cookies are small files that carry information. They are dispatched to your computer, laptop or mobile device you use to access our website and seek our loan products. Just say yes and keep using the site usually. They don't harm your device in any way. Cookies help us to-

  • 🖕 Allot a special identification number to your web browser,
  • 🖕 Track and identify you,
  • 🖕 Track your communication and record with us,
  • 🖕 Introduce you with new products and services,
  • 🖕 Find out the inaccurate information.

If you don't want cookies to be delivered on your system, you can discard them using the browsing setting. However, in that case, you will not be able to use some of our services. All important services of your website will remain available to you as usual.

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