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To use this website for loan application and acquisition, you need to follow some terms and conditions mentioned here below. If you use this website, we assume that you are agreed with T&C. If not, then don't browse the website and leave immediately.

🗣 Services

📖 This website is actually a credit referral service. Here, we match applicants to appropriate credit lenders so that they can avail funds they need to meet sudden fiscal emergencies over a short duration of time. We are not a direct credit lender and we don't play any role in the approval/denial of your application. Our website is free to use. We don't demand even a single penny from our clients and customers.

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📖 When you use this website, you are allowed to use it for the purpose mentioned in the terms of use. Any unlawful use of this website or its materials for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and unlawful.

🗣 Proprietary Rights

📖 The materials displayed on this website are protected by the copyrights laws applicable in Canada. If you manipulate the website materials, we will follow you legally and seek compensation for the damaged caused by you.

🗣 Disclaimer

📖 We try our level best to provide the latest and up-to-date knowledge about the loan products and services we introduce. However, you should try to confirm the information from the lender you are dealing with. We will not be liable for any damage caused by your ignorance or lack of knowledge.

🗣 Marketing materials

📖 When you submit your information to this company, you get advertisements, loan offers and marketing materials from our credit lenders. If you don't want to receive those materials, you discard them in the opt-out mechanism.

🗣 Third-Party Websites

📖 Our website contains links to third-party websites that may be of great use for you. However, we don't control their privacy policy and terms of use. So, you must visit their websites with great caution. We are not responsible in any way if you suffer any loss after visiting those websites.

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